Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Restaurant and a Riddle

Tuesday was a day just like any other for two wandering street musicians. We played by our favorite cafes and flower markets in Lister Platz, shared lunch by the center fountain, and laughed about some favorite "How I Met Your Mother" scenes during song breaks. (yes, we realize we have an addiction) It was a regular afternoon for the jongleurs, until we played Moon River...

Now Moon River is a beautiful song that we both enjoy performing. However, we always wonder what's going to happen when we start playing it... Believe it or not, something about the romantic "my Huckleberry friend, moon river and me" attracts crazies. For example, one time while performing this song in Paris, a guy stood screaming for literally one minute at us. Immediately following, a deranged couple danced around us and demanded to hear Mozart. Anyway, back to the original story.

So we were playing Moon River and a well-dressed man came up to us and said he wanted to hire us! Were we skeptical? Maybe a little. This is Moon River we're talking about - Moon River. But we exchanged information and crossed our fingers. As soon as we returned home there was an e-mail outlining a contract with Restaurant Eliniko for the next night! A paid gig in a fancy Greek restaurant??! Thank you, Moon River!

It might sound a bit "My Fair Lady"-esque to say this, but we felt like we had been taken in, cleaned up, and turned into high class ladies. Was it a hard transition? Oh, definitely not ;-) The restaurant was incredibly generous to us and had a specially made dinner prepared for us upon our arrival - complete with a heart shaped piece of lamb and a tomato carved into the shape of a rose :-) We performed for about three hours as walking musicians in the restaurant, serenading diners. Then at the end of the night, the chef presented us with a special Greek dessert!

Although a wonderful experience in so many ways, we did have a challenge last night...The restaurant was not particularly large, and we had about three different playing locations that were fairly close to each other. We had a twelve song set that we performed during the night in varying order, etc. It was a game of "When was the last time we played that?" and "Do you think this section heard us play that over there?" throughout the evening...but as you can imagine, after several hours of this our brains entered a really mushy state of confusion. So we need your help...We have twelve songs that have morphed into a riddle in our brains. Can you tell us what the twelve songs are?? ;-P

A Javanese Flower Smile Makes Lisa Caprice River Dance


Bella Hungarian Paganini Pearls Dream A La Notte Heart Bar

But we all know that,

Eleanor Peche carolle Mona de Rigby is Your No. 21 Duet Moon Wish

The Entrance to the Restaurant

Our Beautiful Dinner :-)

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