Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spreading the Word

Annelise and I were out in Uptown Normal last night celebrating with friends the fact that after our summer of adventures I will call Hannover, Germany my new home. As we chilled outside of the late night necessity, Prime Time Pizza, I decided to tell everyone passing by "I'M MOVING TO GERMANY!" It was fun hearing the varying reactions of everyone.

"Oh my gosh that's soo amazing!! For real?!?!" -- A Group of College Girls.

"Wow...that's umm...Far?" --Random Bar Bouncer.

"Awesome! I'm from the Czech Republic!" --Coffeehouse Owner.

"GOOD FOR YOU!!!" --Crowd Outside Maggie Miley's.

By far the highlight, though, was meeting the guy in this picture! He was genuinely excited about not only my coming move but especially the street musician adventure Annelise and I are just three weeks away from starting. He was so thrilled about the concept that he wanted us to write our blog on his arm!!!

Random guy who loved us, thank you for your support!!!