Sunday, July 10, 2011

To the Netherlands and Back

What better way to get to Amsterdam then driving the Auto Bahn in a car with good friends and a dub step play list? Oh and did I mention no speed limit?

Annelise and I have been dreaming of and saving for our 5 day vacation in Amsterdam since our trip began. And it was definitely worth every bit of effort and every last euro ;) We got to spend the trip with my amazing cousins Nicolai and Diana, our friend Kevin, and our travel buddy Josh (remember him from Paris?!).

Because it was our vacation time, we didn't do much performing. But with the money-making pressure off, we had a lot of unique and beautiful musical experiences. At one point we performed into a breathtaking canal in the evening, serenading a couple enjoying the romance of the night lights reflecting on the water. We carried our instruments with us everywhere and whenever we felt like putting a soundtrack to the moment, or offering a song to someone, we would. It was spontaneous, carefree, and wonderful.

Amsterdam is an inspiring city with its endless canals, cobblestone streets, network of bicycles, tulips, and boats. We enjoyed a sunset on a boat one evening, and spent others on the edge of a canal soaking up the moment away from our respective realities.

We've returned to my apartment in Hannover for a short pause. Next week, Annelise will be attending a week-long music academy in the south of France, so she will be practicing an inordinate amount this week. Unfortunately that means less street playing together, but I will go solo for a few days to keep up the trip savings for the French Riviera. We will be venturing to Brussels later this week which will be especially exciting for me since it is my first time!

All in all, Amsterdam was a wonderful experience. For those interested in a more...detailed story, shoot us a facebook message :)

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