Monday, July 25, 2011

Delirium Kalypta Waffles

We had a surprise vacation in Belgium with Annelise's Dad! It was five days of relaxing, practicing, and exploring. It was my first time in Belgium but it took me just one day to realize how much I loved it. It's an intriguing country with varying languages, architecture dating back to Medieval days, and a laid back, international feel.

We spent several nights at "Delirium," a hip student bar near the Brussels Grand Place. It was fun making friends with people our age from all over the world! In Leuven, we stumbled into an exciting music festival with live bands spread throughout the main squares and plenty of Belgian beer to taste. We dined at an eclectic and cozy cafe called "Kalypta." Tall candles melted over their empty wine bottle holders, island signs adorned the colorful walls, sea shells held the guests' cigarettes, and a mini treasure housed our dinner bill. It had a wonderful ambiance and was a prime people watching location!

One rainy evening, Mr. Wiering taught us how to make a delicious beef meal. While we chopped and sauteed, we listened to Serge Gainsbourg and drank champagne. After, we had our first European movie theater experience, seeing "Midnight in Paris" - a film by Woody Allen with Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams, and Marion Cotillard. (We HIGHLY recommend it!!) The opening scenes of the film were snapshots of Paris, which was especially thrilling for us after spending three weeks getting to know that city so well this summer :-) In true Belgian fashion, there were subtitles in French AND Dutch!

Eventually it was nearly midnight on our final night in Belgium. Suddenly we realized we had not tasted a Belgian waffle yet!!We were ecstatic when we discovered there was still something open. The last customers of a quaint sidewalk waffle shop, we enjoyed a traditional Belgian waffle, topped with cream and strawberries. It was a perfect finish to our visit :-)

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