Friday, June 10, 2011

Sick Jongleurs :-/

Well, we've come down with a cold :-(

I'm feeling a lot better today but Annelise has unfortunately taken a turn for the worse with her cough keeping her up all night, etc. So we're getting a lot of Halo 3 practice in and memorizing seasons of How I Met Your Mother. That's productive, right? ;-)

In between waves of sickness we've managed to have some good times here in Hannover. Last night we went out to an Irish Pub with some friends for a weekly pop quiz time the pub hosts. It was fun and we won all the rounds! And, to top it off, the owner offered me a job for the fall!

We've been getting re-acquainted with the best playing spots in Hannover, but the sickness has put a damper on significant progress. We're hoping for a better start next week :-) For now, drinking peppermint tea and taking medicine is the weekend lineup.

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