Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Bear-Dog and Leonardo Decaprio?

Snapshots of a Week in Hannover

A giant, extremely furry black dog that was as big as a bear!! Couldn't look away!

Making a less-than-1-year-old baby SMILE while we played!

A nice old man giving us 2 big pink roses as we performed - and they were the most wonderful smelling roses!!

Making 90 euros in one day after playing for only three hours!!

Bringing a woman to tears after playing Offenbach's 'Barcarolle'

Frozen in their tracks, a crowd of five tiny German kids staring at us with huuuge blue eyes

Getting encouragement from a politics/history/music professor, a violinist from the Hannover Radio Philharmonic, and a professional jazz/rock instrumentalist

Spending a rainy afternoon in a pub with three retired Hannover regulars. (One of which, Fritz, looks just like Santa Claus)

In the middle of one of our songs, a man caught our eye- as soon as we finished, we shouted to each other, 'THAT GUY LOOKED JUST LIKE LEONARDO DECAPRIO!' I swear, it was his twin!

While playing outside the train station, a woman generously gave us a five euro bill and then sat at a cafe to enjoy our music. It was special because she seemed to be there just to watch us and appreciate the art of the moment (which was especially meaningful because we were feeling very low!)

One of the adorable blue eyed children of Hannover :-)

Playing in front of the rose covered instrument case!

In the pub with Fritz (i.e. Santa) talking to me in German...Me: "Ummm..what?"

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