Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Philosophical Thought of the Day ;-)

Sometimes the weather is just miserable. And, from time to time the thought of re-living that vulnerable, awkward feeling of playing on a random street corner is enough to keep us home...Some days we are horribly aware of our necessity for money and the stress of it weighs on us. And other days, like this week, we simply feel sick and want to collapse not perform. And..believe it or not, there are days where we even aren't happy with each other.

But we've discovered something really interesting, on days like those. The moment we start playing, our problems disappear for a moment. Cheesy? Ok, I didn't know how to write it without sounding corny. But it's really true - when we're making music, we don't feel sick, tired, upset with situations/each other. Between pieces we will re-lapse into our funks, but the second the piece begins we're fine again. We've wondered why, but haven't found an answer. Maybe we assume a performance mode that we're so trained to have? Maybe the music allow us to escape? Maybe playing music is the emotional outlet we need to stay balanced? Well, whatever it is - it's confirmation that we were born for this!

The Old District of Hannover

Beautiful Old Building in Hannover..I should learn the name of this...


  1. I agree, playing music magically distracts you from all those emotions. It's a relief it does, hmm?

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  3. That would be the "New City Hall" or "Das neue Rathaus" There is an old Rathaus around there somewhere too. It hasn't changed much in the past 5 years.