Sunday, June 5, 2011

On to Deutschland!!

Our Final Hour in Paris...

19h15: On the train from Epinay Sur Orge suburb, holding our breath. Ok, that sounds too calm. We weren't just holding our breath. We were freaking out, pacing, and kicking ourselves big time for leaving so late.

19h50: Sprinting through the Saint Michel Metro Station (and I really mean sprinting), throwing luggage under turn stiles and knocking anyone out of the way (no mercy!). Also I think we quite possibly broke the record for "fastest metro ticket purchase"

20h00: Crammed in the metro, watching stations go by at what seemed a snail's pace

20h10: Pants nearly falling down as we race through the Gare de L'Est station, sweating and screaming "what platform, what platform??"

20h15: With only 5 minutes to spare, on our train to Germany!!!

We arrived in Hanover on Saturday morning after an all night train ride. It was a wonderful reunion with my cousin Nic, but all we could think about was sleeping. And so we did...all day! haha. It feels great to be here in what is truly a home away from home.

Our last week in Paris was a mix of long playing days (5 hours every day) to save for our trip to Deutschland, and some fun outings. We had a unique experience at the Catacombs and an unforgettably fun day with our friends Mathilde and Pauline at Disneyland Paris. A really special moment for us was visiting L'Opera Garnier. For the last two years we have had a poster in our Normal apartment of the inside of this opera house, so to be there together was surreal.

We're excited to spend the next month here enjoying Germany and will begin to perform again tomorrow! On the train we wrote up some ideas for new arrangements that we are excited to give a try :-) It's hard to believe that we've already been on our Jongleur adventure for 3 weeks!


  1. Yes finally we get to Germany! Glad you made it in time. Good thing they have socialized medicine for your victims! Haha. I just went to Disneyland in Anaheim with my mum, it was great. Keep the posts coming!