Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Et voilà! Nous sommes à Paris!

We are writing from a quaint and peaceful suburb of Paris - the home of our wonderful friend Mathilde! It's nice to feel settled in such a great place after a weekend of craziness...Long story short, I left my duffel bag in Bucharest because I couldn't afford the checked baggage requirement of easyjet. So, now I am wearing the same dress everyday! Life is an adventure :-) Annelise must have wanted to do the same thing, because she left the terminal without her luggage too! Thankfully, she got it back so both of us are not too homeless looking.

Here is a picture of me in the only outfit I have now!!

We spent the afternoon at a cafe near Notre Dame Cathedral. We were thankful for the cappuccinos after our respective travels! An accordionist serenaded us - Cliche, much? ;-) It was all very Paris!

We had our first experience together in the metro, trying to find our way out of the city center and to our new home. This will be more fun in the future sans luggage!! (At least I had less of it this time around! haha)

Now we are happily enjoying our time with Mathilde and her family. It is great to practice our french at the dinner table, laughing together over accents and wrong conjugations. It's very beautiful and relaxing here, a perfect location to practice and prepare for our first performance on the streets of Paris. Now that we have "re-charged our batteries" and had time with our music, we plan to perform tomorrow!!

Here is a picture of Annelise at the house ~

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